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Effective Cleaning Tips for Washing Machine

Over time, your washing machine’s interiors (and exteriors, of course) start to get dirty and stained. It’s inevitable. However, you may not realize that your washer has gone dirty until your laundry stop coming out clean!

A washing machine may have mold/mildew, slimy residues and dirt inside it which is contaminating your laundry. This only means one thing – it’s time to clean the washing machine! Apart from keeping your washer dirt-free and hygienic, cleaning also prevents rusting or corroding which is damaging to your machine and may also stain your laundry in the process. So to avoid all of that, here’s how to clean your washing machine, inside and out!


How to Clean Your Washing Machine?


1. Target Rubbers/Seals First

This is generally where mold growth begins, dirt particles get trapped and slimy residues can be found. The reason why most of the ‘dirty’ action happens here is that the seals and rubbers don’t dry up quickly. Particularly when you run a hot cycle, the humidity and dampness lead to mold buildup. And also, the washer does not air out or dry up completely. Hence, you should start cleaning these first using a tablespoon of bleach mixed in approximately one cup of water. Dip a clean cloth into this solution and wipe around the rubbers and seals. Rinse the cloth out as and when needed and continue wiping until there is no more sliminess and dirt showing on the cloth.

2. Clean Interior Walls

Depending on what type of machine you have (top load, front load, etc), cleaning the interiors may be a challenge. Nevertheless, you can clean it to the best of your ability by using a soft-bristled cleaning brush with a long enough handle to reach all the interior walls of your machine. Make a sudsy solution of laundry detergent and water, dip the brush in and start scrubbing the interior walls as far as you can reach. Pay more attention to obvious stains and corners and this is where dirt usually sticks.

3. Rinse Off with Empty Cycles

The rubbers, seals, and interiors are going to need thorough rinsing before you can start cleaning the exterior of your washing machine. Set your washer up for a short, empty cycle and take a breather till it’s finished. In case you find any detergent residue or strong smells of bleach or detergent, run another empty cycle.

4. Clean the Exteriors

To finish off, you need to clean the exteriors as it may be stained with detergent spills and dirt. The back of your washer (where the water hose is connected) may also have mildew growing around it so be sure to clean there too. Do this by using a damp cloth to wipe down your washer’s exterior thoroughly and removing any dirt or mold around the water hose. For proper maintenance of your washing machine, we advise cleaning the interiors every alternate month and exteriors (including the back) as and when needed.

Maintaining your appliances and keeping them clean can add years to their life. Use these tips, contributed by https://www.moplovers.com.au to take care of your own appliances.

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