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Quality Control


Our quality control system is interactive and dependent upon your feedback and communication good or bad to function. We need your input on the overall experience and quality you are receiving so that we may address any issues that are important to you.

Usually changing services will not eliminate a problem since we are all in the “human” business. We at BTC want to be sure that you are consistently happy with our service, so please notify us within 24 hours of your cleaning if you are displeased with the quality of service so that we can return to correct the situation in a timely manner without additional charge.

We are unable to issue refunds for any services performed. Our team members take great pride in the work they do and also want to be informed when you are disappointed with a service. Please use our Quality Score sheet system each and every time your home is cleaned. Those feedback sheets are key to an ongoing communication with your team members and office staff.


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July 3, 2015 11:27 pm