Rite Touch Maids


As it is our goal to always provide our clients with outstanding service due to the safety of our team members and the utmost concern of your delicate items:

  • WE DO NOT clean homes that have been infested with bed bugs.
  • WE DO NOT clean cat litter boxes, feed or handle any pet feces.
  • WE DO NOT hand wash clothes.
  • WE DO NOT Clean outside of windows that do not flip forward. Clean outside of larger than standard size windows. Standard size windows are 40″ w X 60″ h.
  • WE DO NOT Clean inside of toilets without a proper toilet brush.
  • WE DO NOT Provide service to homes that is occupied by unsupervised children or teenagers
  • WE DO NOT Provide service during the winter months to homes without adequate heating
  • WE DO NOT Provide service during the summer months to homes without adequate air conditioning
  • WE DO NOT Operate clients motor vehicles
  • WE DO NOT Let in service people such as water meter readers, UPS drivers, and so forth;
  • WE DO NOT pick up or sign for deliveries or packages
  • WE DO NOT Access your phone or answering machine;
  • WE DO NOT Exchange keys with anyone other than the contracted client
  • WE DO NOT climb higher than a 2 – 3 step ladder
  • WE DO NOT move furniture over 25 pounds

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July 4, 2015 3:01 pm