Recurring Cleaning Services

Treat yourself to a weekly, biweekly, every 3 or 4 weeks maid service because you deserve it!

Let Us Take Care Of  Your Recurring Cleaning Needs!

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As a mother of 5 and a family owned business we understand that extra time is a scarce commodity these days, for busy professionals as well as busy families with children and we are here to help with your house cleaning needs. We also understood the sense of relief that you will have coming home to a clean organized  home and knowing you now have that time back that you would have spent cleaning your home to devote that time to other things you actually wanted to do.

Let our team members take care of your cleaning needs you wish you didn’t have to do, so you can enjoy the things you do want to do. Now you can hang out with the kids, have a date night with your spouse, just sit back and relax or start that new project you’ve been planning for the last year. 

Just set a regular appointment and leave everything to us. We can maintain your home with routine cleanings on a schedule that is convenient for you with an approach to meeting your house cleaning needs on each and every visit. We deliver on our commitment to customizing your maid service to your specific requirements because no 2 home requires the same cleaning needs.

Our top rated maids utilize Human, pet and environmental friendly cleaning products that effectively cleans without exposing you and your family to no harmful fumes PLUS added precaution using color coded microfiber towels to ensure towels from the bathroom never touches your kitchen counter tops.

We bring all cleaning supplies and equipment.  We send the same 2 to 3 cleaning team members each visit so that we maintain consistent quality.  We ask only that you provide us with access to your home and credit or debit card on file which a hold will be placed on card 24 hours prior to guarantee funds are available. Card WILL BE CHARGED ONLY AFTER services is rendered.


  • If you have a finish basement that needs cleaning it must be added as extras
  • Sunday appointments available at an extra charge of $120


Earn a $100 credit toward your next cleaning.

Enjoy the following recurring discounts after your first/initial clean.

  • Weekly Cleanings 50% OFF
  • Bi Weekly Cleanings 45% OFF (most popular)
  • Every 3 Weeks Cleanings 40% OFF
  • Every 4 Weeks Cleanings 35% OFF


Recurring Customers Spread The Love & Get Rewarded !

Every time you refer someone to Brite Touch Cleaning for:

  • Recurring cleaning services weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 or 4 weeks you will earn a $100 credit towards future service.  Your referral reward is earned as soon as we complete your referral 3rd house cleaning service.
  • One time Scheduled cleaning services you will earn $25  credit towards future services. Your referral reward is earned as soon as we complete your referral scheduled house cleaning.

There is no limit as to the number of Referral Rewards you may earn.

Tell all your friends and family about your Brite Touch Cleaning experience…before someone else does!

Earn a $100 credit toward your next cleaning.
What is included in your recurring house cleaning service but not limited to
Weekly – Bi Weekly – Every 3 Weeks – Every 4 Weeks
  • We change the linens on your beds. We ask that you leave the clean linens out which is our indication that you want them changed.  If the linens are not left out, we simply make up the beds because we do not want the cleaners going through your drawers or closets for any reason.
  • We dust and polish all of your furniture top, front, underneath within reach.
  • Upholstered furniture vacuum/dusted
  • Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened
  • We remove cobwebs
  • We dust your baseboards, ceiling corners, blinds/shutters, vents, window sills, light fixtures, lamps & lampshades in every room (Wet wiping baseboards is available at an additional cost)
  • We damp wipe door facings and frames outside entry door, switch plates & outlets.
  • We damp wipe your ceiling fans
  • We clean your mirrors, glass surfaces and glass covered pictures.
  • In your laundry room we wipe washer and dryer exterior
  • We gather up all of the trash from each of your waste basket and take it out to your central garbage can.
  • We vacuum all of your carpeted floors
  • We vacuum/sweep all of your hard surface floors
  • We damp mop all of your tile, linoleum and wood floors.


  • Remove cobwebs
  • We clean the tub, tile and shower doors
  • We clean the toilets top, in/out, base and behind
  • We clean counter tops, sinks and faucets
  • We wipe down exterior of vanities.
  • We remove mildew, soap scum and lime build up.
  • We wet wipe everything when finished so that everything will be show ready, no water spots.


  • Remove cobwebs
  • We clean the stove top and burners, front of the stove.
  • Top, front and sides of the refrigerator and the front of the dishwasher.
  • We clean your counter tops and backsplash
  • Wipe shine all of the appliances on your counter tops, move them forward, clean below them and move them back.
  • We clean your microwave on the inside and out
  • Clean/polish dry sink and faucets

We charge extra for the following

  • Cleaning interior windows (within reach).
  • Cleaning inside cabinets and drawers.
  • Cleaning inside the fridge.
  • Cleaning inside the oven.
  • Organizing of kitchen pantry.
  • Organizing of closets.
  • Wet wipe blinds and plantation shutters.
  • Wet wiping baseboards.
  • Wet wiping down interior walls.
  • Wet wiping ceiling fans.
  • Cleaning the fireplace
  • Sweeping garage/patio/porch.

View our FULL signature Our 62 – Point Cleaning Checklist service that ensures your entire home will be cleaned, top to bottom.

We do want to point out a few services we do not provide which are:

  • Wet wiping bulbs and light fixtures. Dry dusting only.
  • Putting dishes away.
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning of ceiling fans higher than our poles / step ladders can reach
  • Cleaning chandeliers
  • Move or lift anything over 25 lbs.
  • Step higher than 3 steps on a ladder.
  • Cleaning of bio-hazards (Mold, blood, bodily fluids)
  • Hoarding, High Levels of Trash / Debris.
  • Animal Waste Cleaning Up
  • Cat litter box and on floor
  • Insect/Rodent clean up
  • Heavy scrubbing of walls / doors
  • High to reach areas & windows higher than our poles/step ladder can reach
  • Cleaning of exterior windows

Last is our policy on encumberments in your home like a desk piled high in paper work. this does have a huge impact on our cleaning efficiency and quality so the rule we teach our cleaners is if you have less than 10 items on the surface we will clean both the items and the surface with a rag and the appropriate cleaner. if, however, there are more than 10 items on the surface we will only feather dust the items and the surface–which will still remove any dust.


If you have additional questions about our service, please feel free to reach out to us at

Phone: 678 752 1041  or  Email: [email protected]


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