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4 House Areas You Should Never Forget To Deep Clean This New Year

After all the festive celebrations during the holidays, a house deep-cleaning session is just what your home needs. You maintain the house tidy, yes. But are you sure that you have really covered everything in time for the new year?

If not, here is a list to help you know what is included in an in-depth house cleaning session!


Area #1. Bathroom


The bathroom’s the part of the house getting cleaned most often, which is okay because it’s also where it can get the yuckiest. The regular cleaning your bathroom makes it presentable and usable for you and your guests, but deep cleaning focuses on those hard-to-reach and even harder-to-clean-areas.

Open all drawers and cabinets, then remove all their contents. Throw away expired medications and products that are no longer needed. Wipe the inside of the drawers and cabinets with a microfiber cloth to pull up dirt, hair, and dust. Consider using an essential oil, like Lemon,  for a nice fresh scent with warm water to have it smell nice and clean for the days to come.

Dust all your lighting fixtures and have your toilets, tubs and sinks deep cleaned with natural ingredients. Wash any rugs, bath mats, and shower curtains.


Area #2. Kitchen


Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen is one thing you should pay more attention to. The kitchen is where you store and cook food, so it’s important to keep it neat and hygienic.

Open the cupboards and throw away condiments and food that is expired or stale. Wipe the drawers and shelves with warm soapy water, including the range and hood to clean built up grease.  

Empty out the fridge of any items that need to be discarded and wipe its drawers and shelves clean. And oh, don’t forget to wipe off the top of the refrigerator, too!

Shake off the leftover breadcrumbs from the toaster, rinse out the coffee maker, and clean the oven. Before deep cleaning your kitchen appliances, consider first their manuals on the do’s and don’ts when cleaning. Better to be safe than sorry!

Put up a fresh scent in the kitchen by throwing a quartered citrus fruit in the disposal.  It will not only freshen up the garbage disposal, it will add a nice scent to the air.


Area #3. Bedroom


When was the last time you vacuumed or swept under the bed? Probably ages ago, right? It’s essential that we take the time to deep clean our bedrooms because, for almost eight hours a night, you sleep there! Imagine the amount of dirt you might inhale while sleeping! So it’s a really good idea to include your bedroom in the deep cleaning list.

Dust shelves, picture frames, mirrors,  dressers, and any other furniture you have in your bedroom. Look through your closets and find clothes, shoes, and slippers or boots that you don’t wear or no longer need and donate them. Do the same with your books, if you have a bookshelf, choose what you can give.


Area #4. Living Room


Start with your furniture, vacuuming if it is fabric covered and dusting if it isn’t.  Fluff pillows and check if they have stains or if they need repairs. The same goes for your carpet, vacuum it and check for stains, or for an easy do, bring in a professional carpet cleaning service. You can also look around for things you want to replace or donate.

Don’t forget to wipe down your windows and the window sills so they are clean. You may also change your window curtains for a fresher and newer look for the new year.

As you welcome the new year, it’s nice to celebrate it from a tidy, spotless home. Remember, a clean house is good, but a deep-cleaned home is better!

If you have a big house or you don’t have the spare time to do everything, you can contact a trusted cleaning service. They can help you out in a jiffy!


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