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Save Your Time with Clutter Organizing


Spend 10 minutes to 30 minutes a day/weekend “power organizing.”

Every day choose one task:

Piled up bills,magazines,junk mails, a paper-strewn desktop, a messy drawer, a messy closet & the list goes on & on. Now set your timer for 10 or 30  minutes and sort, toss and organize until the buzzer sounds.

The goal isn’t to finish the job in one session but to chip away at it in short, focused bursts known as “power organizing.” Once you learn that, it won’t be long before you notice dramatic results.

Keep Ziploc Brand Bags and Containers on hand while you work so you can stash clutter culprits like pens, toiletries, gloves, hats, etc.

Invite a friend to join you if that will keep you motivated so you can keep each other on track and swap daily progress reports.

Avoid distractions: no phone calls, e-mails, facebook, twitter or television!

Pennsylvania-based artist/author Barbara Lane calls this simple concept life changing. “I realized I could do anything for 10 minutes,” she says. Nagging piles no longer hold her back. “I feel freer and lighter, and the creativity just flows now.”

If this does not work for you or someone you know you can always count on a Professional Cleaning Service  today so we can get you organized.


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