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How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Bathroom

Owing to the dampness and humidity, the buildup of mold in bathrooms can be a problem.  This unsightly fungus can cause a string of health issues if not cleaned up immediately; therefore, we suggest preventing mold growth to avoid the health risks that come with it.

So, how do you stop these patches of bacteria from forming when your bathroom is exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture every single day? We’ve got those answers for you below. Read on!


  1. Keep your Floors and Walls as Dry as Possible

By keeping moisture to a minimum, mold will not be able to grow. To do this, you need to dry your walls and floors as much as possible, and quickly! After you shower or wash the bathroom, use separate squeegees to drag water droplets from the walls down to the floor. Follow this up by pushing the water down the drain to dry the tub or shower floor a little quicker. You can go one step further by mopping the walls and floors or simply air out the bathroom for it to dry up faster, open a doorway and a window if there is one.


  1. Install Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan is a must for lowering humidity levels in your bathroom while also helping to eliminate lingering odors. It’s advisable to keep your bathroom window open when weather permits and open the door for more ventilation while the exhaust fan is running. If you have shower doors or a shower door, open that too.  This will help keep your bathroom airy and dry.  


  1. Clean Out of Sight Spaces

Mold often grows in places that aren’t in plain sight, yet the fungus can affect us. These spaces include underneath sinks, behind flush tanks, geysers (a method for heating water), medicine cabinets, and shower curtains or doors. Be sure to clean these areas as often as possible to stop mold from growing. To do this, you a disinfectant and scrubber for the underneath of your sink, while narrow or hard to reach space can be cleaned using a wired bottle brush. The shower curtain can be soaped down where the seams met after bathing and washing in the washing machine when the soap isn’t sufficiently cleaning it.


  1. Clean with Anti-Mold Cleansers

While you may think that such cleaners mean having to use harsh chemicals to discourage mold growth, you’re mistaken! There are plenty of eco-friendly products on the market that not only clean efficiently but also prevent mold from growing. They’re a better choice for any home, especially those with young children or pets since they are entirely safe to use.


  1. Clean Your Entire Bathroom

As often as you can (once every two weeks is advised), clean your bathroom from top to bottom. This includes the ceiling, walls, bathroom fixtures and other components. Regular, daily cleaning will not stop the growth of mold entirely as it could build up on your ceiling and hidden places. Hence, an overall cleanse once in two weeks will certainly prevent mold growth.


  1. Do Mold Inspections

Sometimes, you overlook certain places when cleaning your bathroom or simply don’t get time to clean as often as you should be. To ensure that mold doesn’t pay you a surprise visit, do inspections every few weeks and check every potential space for mold growth and spray these areas with a disinfectant.

If you don’t have the much free time or simply don’t want to spend your time cleaning, you can always call Rite Touch Cleaning for a consultation and price quote.

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