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Safe Cleaning Products for Homes with Children and Pets

If you have pets and children, then you need to clean, probably more than what you imagined. However, harsh chemicals are harmful to your dog (and children!) and can make them sick. So, which cleaning products will keep your pets and children safe, while also efficiently cleaning your home?

Here are five pet and children-friendly cleaning tips for your home:


1. Use an All-Purpose Cleaner

Puracy Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner is a non-toxic, streak-free, and all-around cleanser made from plants, water, and a hint of green tea & lime. It contains biodegradable ingredients that were carefully chosen and developed into a premium solution hypoallergenic, and effective household essentials.

This child and pet-safe cleaner works on multiple surfaces (glass, stainless steel, floors, countertops, etc.) and cuts through grease, grime, nose prints, wet food residue, and whatever other unwanted textures pets might leave. Plus, it smells lovely!


2. DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaners

In the world of pets, a toilet bowl is like a drinking fountain. We don’t want them licking our children’s faces now, right?

Here’s a great DIY for you to prevent your furry friends from drinking in the toilet bowl, again! Use equal parts of vinegar and water solution and let it sit for a few minutes to remove hard water stains. Once they get a whiff of the scent, they’ll get going in an instant!


3. Carpet Cleaner

Clean+Green carpet and area rug cleaner is used to spot treat, just hit that stain with this non-toxic, all-natural cleaner. Spray and walk away — no need to soak, scrub or rinse. Moreover, it eliminates the source of the odor and stain—permanently. These all-natural pet friendly cleaners are fragrance-free, kids and pet safe, non-flammable and non-carcinogenic.


4. Floor Cleaner

Bean and Lily’s is a powerful floor cleaner that works in one simple step. Spray all over the floor, and there’s no need to rinse! When it’s dry, you can play some music and skate around in your socks.

Its formula is plant-based and safe for all hard floors. Furthermore, it’s gentle on skin and paws and is safe enough for any accidental licking that happens in a pet-friendly home.


5. Laundry Detergent

Common Good offers a laundry detergent is a kids and pets stain remover — great for people with skin sensitivities especially babies and kids with eczema. It’s also an eco-friendly laundry soap that is scented with 100% pure essential oils.

It washes clean and clear and leaves behind no chemical residue that can cause skin problems. It is a trusted brand in the “green” cleaning world, and their laundry detergent is free of potentially harmful chemicals that are bad for your kids and pets.

It’s nice to become aware of the cleaning products that you use at home. So, you can replace or throw away those unfriendly cleansers. Most cleaning products are water-soluble (if it mixes with water it’s water soluble) and it can be disposed of down the drain with running water. With solid cleaning products, you can throw them in the wastebasket.

Don’t fret! You can always seek a helping hand from a trusted house cleaning service to assist you with your cleaning needs. They use kids, pets, and environment-friendly cleaning products to ensure that you and your family are safe!

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