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Why I choose my work / business

Enjoying what i do on a daily basis owner and founder Melinda Harris

I must admit house cleaning isn’t the most glamorous job and it’s really hard work. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma about being employed as a house cleaner. That it’s just a job for people with no other qualifications to a dead end job. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most of Brite Touch Cleaning Team members have associate to master degrees with past work experience as teachers, banking background and so on. We are hardworking individuals with other options but we choose to do this work because we love it.

Truth be told this line of work is definitely not for everyone, but it has really been a great job for me.

Let me tell you why:


Walking into a home with my team members to put our tools, supplies and hands to work makes me feel awesome knowing that we will accomplished getting the job done right, and at the end of the transformation is visible and fulfilling to us and the customer.


Laughing out loud while writing this part…….. YES cleaning your home helps me remove my mommy hat for a few hours away from my 5 beautiful children and actually enjoy doing it without distraction 🙂


Who needs to pay a gym membership when i can get a free workout by cleaning houses and apartments. Yes, cleaning is hard work. My cleaning work out is running up and down stairs, mopping 2000 to 4000 square foot homes, vacuuming, scrubbing tubs and shower walls, reaching out to get those cobwebs, sweeping, making beds, dusting and don’t forget some extra elbow grease.


When I first started with Brite Touch Cleaning top rated cleaning service now in Lawrenceville Ga, the intention was to simplify busy living families, professionals and business facilities with a clean, healthy and comfortable environment and also giving back the gift of time to do something fun or just to relax.

I have gotten calls and walked into homes with overwhelmed moms, flustered business owners, working professionals, expecting moms and many other customers just trying to get through the day. BUT with having our team members assisting them with coming home to a clean house/apartment at the end of the day really makes a huge difference. Not to mention the great reviews and thank you we have received for that difference we have made.

We take pride in what we do and everything we clean.

Call us today and experience the difference we bring to your life and home.

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