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Maximize Your Move-out Cleaning with this Cleaning Checklist

One of the most stressful experiences a person goes through includes moving from one home to another. You will have to pack all your stuff, bring them to your new home, then deal with cleaning. If you are planning to use your old home for a rental property, you need to make sure that everything is working properly and that your home is clean for its new tenants!

No matter how overwhelming it may feel, you need to clean both your old and new homes. So here are tips to increase your move out cleaning efficiency


      1. Use appropriate cleaning supplies


        There are some cleaning supplies and agents you must have when you’re preparing your home for a move-out. Some of these include:

        • Glass Cleaners
        • Baking Soda
        • White Vinegar (no, we’re not going to cook)
        • Cleaning Cloths
        • Rubber gloves
        • A mop
        • Vacuum cleaner, brooms, or special dusters

        Make sure that these do not get packed and loaded into the moving truck! You’re still going to need these when your movers leave your old home and before they arrive at your new house.


      1. Prepare and clean the things you’re going to take before you leave


        Of course, you have to organize and arrange your stuff after you unpack in your new home. So why not clean them when you get there? Well, cleaning them before you even start packing can help because this ensures that you don’t bring any dirt or dust with you.

        It may seem like an extra task to finish, but it will lessen your cleaning load when you start unpacking because you will not need to clean it when you unpack it. It should still be clean.

        So, before you pack those tiny figurines and those extra decorations, just make sure that they are clean. Use microfiber cloth when doing so. It’s highly recommended for taking care of dusty areas because it attracts the dust instead of scattering it in the air.


      1. Make sure everything is loaded before you start cleaning


        Why? Well, for starters, it’s easier to clean a space than a room full of furniture. Although, you may wash your windows and mirrors, or sweep away cobwebs while the room is furnished. But clearing the room first will help you to clean more efficiently, conserving some of your energy because you don’t have to go back and forth from cleaning and moving to cleaning again.

        Cleaning a space or room lets you see what areas need it most. Think about it. If you clean with furniture in your living room, when the moving van is loaded, you will still have to clean the places you were not able to, because the furniture was in the way.


      1. Accomplish dry-cleaning-tasks first


        What are dry-cleaning-tasks? Dry-cleaning includes (although not limited to):

        • Dusting
        • Sweeping
        • Vacuuming

        Stuff you don’t have to wash, mop, or wipe using a damp cloth. Well, at least not before you remove the dust first. Efficient cleaning calls for doing the dry cleaning tasks first. Otherwise, you’ll only leave traces of dust and dirt once the water has dried; which you’ll have to clean, yet again.


      1. Accomplish wet-cleaning-tasks


        Now that you’re done with the dry tasks, you’ll have to take care of the wet cleaning next. Wet-cleaning-tasks include (although not limited to):

        • Mopping
        • Washing the windows or glass
        • Wiping kitchen surfaces

        Make sure you only use clean mops, sponges, or cloth when doing so. Otherwise, you’ll defeat the purpose of cleaning. Even though you use soap or cleaning agents, your cleaning equipment still needs to be clean, too!


    1. Accomplish small cleaning tasks


      Small cleaning tasks are the minor stuff you sometimes forget to do. This includes (although not limited to):

      • Clearing your fireplace of ash and debris
      • Cleaning light fixtures
      • Throwing the remaining trash out

Just like other everyday tasks, there is an easy way out for this, though. You can choose to hire a professional move-in-out house cleaning service to do the dirty work for you. You can have them clean your new home while you do your old one or vice versa. Heck, you can even make them clean both! Just make sure you hire the best and most trusted house cleaners
If you’re not too satisfied with this checklist, you can check out this link for more extensive tips on maximizing your cleaning efficiency.

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